SCT Experiment

Accelerator Complex

The SCT factory is a symmetric electron-positron collider consisting of the following installations:

  1. Positron injector with cooling storage ring
  2. Injector of polarized electrons
  3. Linear accelerator producing the beams at the energy of the experiment
  4. Double ring collider


The collider has the following features:

Parameter 1.5 GeV 2.5 GeV 3.5 GeV
Perimeter, \(\Pi\) (m) 632.94
Beams crossing angle, \(2\theta\) (mrad) 60
RF frequency, \(f_0\) (MHz) 350
Beta function at the interaction point \(\beta_x^*/\beta_y^*\) (mm) 100/1
Number of bunches 292 328 262
Number of electrons in each bunch (\(10^{10}\)) 9 8 9
Beam current \(I\) (A) 2
\(\xi_x/\xi_y\) 0.007/0.15 0.003/0.1 0.004/0.08
Luminosity, \(L\) (\(10^{35}\) cm\({}^{-2}\)s\({}^{-1}\)) 0.8 1.0 1.0


The SCT injector contains a number of acceleration modules. Each acceleration module consists of klystron, power multiplication system, and two acceleration sections. The injector provides top-up injection electrons and positrons at the experiment energy with frequency of 50 Hz.